Notice:- Trip to China (Beijing tour) in May 2014

Dear members,

As per our Chairman (Mr CHUNG Tung-Wah)’s request, here are the information for the trip to China (Beijing tour):

Date: 11th May 2014 – 17th May 2014

7 days tour costs 4,380 HK dollars per person

6 days tour costs 3,960 HK dollars per person

In addition, tour guide fee costs 80 HK dollars per person per day. Costs for meals, hotel accommodations & coach pick-ups are all included. Please note that the cost of return flights from UK to Beijing/from HK to Beijing are not included.

If you are interested in joining the tour or you would like more details, please contact Mr CHUNG Tung-Wah on 07887-480490 or email


你們好!首先在這裡恭祝你們新春快樂,身體健康!本協會將於11/5/2014至17/5/2014到北京 旅行,並順道探訪北京人民公安大學和北京交通電臺,此兩項仍有待北京方面之答覆,收費方面,若為六天:全部六天食宿連交通為港幣3960元+每天80元導 遊少費+往返北京到香港或北京往返英國機票票價.香港出發比英國出發日期較遲一天,但都於同日抵達北京.七天則為港幣4380元+小費+機票,各位有興趣 及任何意見者,請以電郵或電話與鍾東華07887-480490或黎錦洪先生(Andy)07980-593879聯絡.

China trip details1 China trip details2 China trip details3





Notice:- Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear all,
The Chinese New Year is coming soon. 
UK and HK Chinese Police Association is planning a gathering party
to celebrate the festival. 
We are going to have a dinner party in Oxford area this time. 
The management committee will meet soon to finalise 
the details of the party. 
This time we want to stay in Oxford for two days 
between Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February 2014. 
I would like to book Travelodge on Saturday 8th February. 
Please advise me if you want a room on or before 
the coming Tuesday 21st Jan. 
I will book one for you. At the moment, it is £39 for a room 
which can sleep up to three people. 
It is Oxford Peartree Travelodge off A34. 
Thank you for reading this message.
Andy Lai

現在每間房每晚房費£39 可睡3人。
酒店名稱:Oxford Peartree Travelodge近A34公路。

Notice:- Charity Dinner on Friday 8th November 2013

Dear members,

On Friday 8th November 2013, there will be a fundraising dinner at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster for the Veterans of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC). A very special offer from the organisers to our members. The original price is £150 and now we only pay £75 per head. If you want to buy a ticket or two, please contact Andy Lai on 07980-593879 or Johnny Lui on 07813-138388.

Thank you for your support!

charity dinner 2013

Notice:- Bournemouth Marathon 2013

Our members Michael Yip and Eric Chan are going to participate in Bournemouth Marathon this year. The total distance is 26.2 miles. Their aim is to raise funding for the Association. Please generously sponsor them to finish the run. If you want to sponsor them, please contact Andy Lai on 079 8059 3879 or email

Bournemouth Marathon 2013


Dear members,

 Last gathering event was nearly 4 months ago. We should have other events again. Coincidently, one of our honorable chairmen – Mr Meng Chun Si will visit England to see his family this Summer. The committee would like to hold a dinner to greet Mr Si who has generously sponsored our association. The detail of the event is as following.

 Time and date : 19:00 hours Friday 19/7/2013

 Place : Gerrard’s Corner Restaurant

 Address : 30 Wardour Street London W1D 6QW

 Fees : £20 per person

 Please contact Mr Andy Lai before 15/7/2013

 Contact method :

 Mobile : 07980 593879





地點︰倫敦華埠爵祿街好年華酒樓 W1D 6QW



手機︰07980 593879或電郵︰





Charity Performance Event on 26/05/2013

Dear all,

There is going to be a charity performance event on Sunday 26th May 2013 , which is run by Cross Strait China Culture Communication Foundation, assisted by the Chinese Embassy, the time is from 2:30pm to 5:00pm at Logan Hall, Euston, London. The performance is mainly singing and dancing by Taiwan, China and Hong Kong performers. Ticket costs £10 per person, which will go towards the charity fundraising of the recent earthquake disaster happened in China. The total costs will be paid by the Cross Strait China Communication Foundation, their target is £10,000, Logan Hall has 900 seats and they expect £9,000 from the tickets sold and the rest from donation.

For more details, Please contact Mr Chung Tung-Wah (Chairman of UK&HK-CPA) on telephone 07887-480490 or email

Thank you for your support!